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Hello! Welcome to Yes, I am Trine, and this where I share and recommend products and services to readers of my different websites, as well as to friends and social media followers.

I only recommend products and services that I believe provide a great deal of value for the investment, and most of these I am either using right now or have used successfully in the past. If you are on any of my mailing lists, you won’t see me sending out emails every single day about the latest “must have.”  My list is relatively short. I’ve always believed in transparency on the web, so I would like to fully disclose that almost all of the links to those products and services I provide on this site will result in me earning an affiliate commission for any purchases you make after having clicked through to the recommended vendor.

If you land on a page starting with the URL, either via a click through that I or others have provided to you, know that the product or service to which you are being referred was more than good enough to get my attention, and is certainly something I feel is worth checking out.

By purchasing though my links you are directly supporting all my efforts to serve my online communities, and for that I am deeply grateful. Thanks so much!

Trine Mork